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animal research foundationThe National Lacy Dog Association is excited to announce we have partnered with the Animal Research Foundation to reopen the original Lacy Dog stud book. Owners and breeders will once again be able to register purebred Lacy Dogs with the ARF, the first registry to recognize the Lacy Dog.

“This is a historic moment, for us to reopen the ARF Lacy Dog Stud Book and for you to recognize the ARF as an approved registry,” said genealogist and registrar Al Walker. “As you become acquainted with the Foundation, you will find that we are more than just a registry. Public trust and dependability are our most important products.”

The ARF was founded in 1947 by Tom D. Stodghill. He approved the first registered Lacy Dog, Preston’s Big Blue by Preston’s Old Blue and Preston’s Ellie, on Jan. 18, 1976. In addition to being the first registry to recognize the Lacy, the ARF played an instrumental role in the acknowledgment and standardization of numerous working breeds. They were the first to recognize and register Catahoulas and Australian Cattle Dogs, organized the English Shepherd Club of America, assisted in the formation of the Australian Shepherd Club of America and much more.

Though Mr. Stodghill passed away in 1989, the ARF is alive and well. Our new partnership represents a deep respect for Lacy history as well as a strong commitment to the breed’s future. In addition to providing owners and breeders with top-notch genealogical and registration services, the ARF will help us keep the breed true to type and purpose by only recognizing dogs who pass inspection.

To encourage registration by all owners and breeders of quality Lacy Dogs, the ARF is offering introductory rates and additional incentives from August 1 through October 31. A list of fees and details on how to have your purebred Lacy registered will be available on You can also email us at for additional information. To learn more about the ARF, visit



In addition to teaming up with the Texas Dog Hunters Association and Hunters’ Harvest to sponsor the 2009 Hunt for the Hungry, the National Lacy Dog Association will have a booth at the Wild Boar Expo this weekend.

The Wild Boar Expo is 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday and 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday at the Wilber Baber Complex, 499 County Road 200 in Hallettsville, TX. Weigh-in for the Hunt for the Hungry will be held at the Expo from 10 a.m. to noon on Sunday.

In addition to plenty of educational information about Lacys, the NLDA will be collecting pedigrees and inspecting dogs for CDHPR registration. If you have any questions about the CDHPR program, this is a great opportunity to talk to the officers in person. We’ll have coloring pages to keep the kiddos busy too. And Jimmy Brooks will have a trapping demonstration set up with trapping equipment for sale.

For anyone that is interested in hunting and the outdoors, there will be tons of vendors to check out, including hog dog gear, traps, blinds, feeders, ATVs, archery demos and a 3D tournament.

On Sunday afternoon, the NLDA will present the bonus check for the Heaviest Boar brought in for the Hunt for the Hungry. Last year this hunt raised over 20,000 pounds of pork for charity, so we’re very excited to support such a worthy cause. We hope to see you there!

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