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Happy Thanksgiving from the National Lacy Dog Association! We have a special holiday treat from our resident holistic care expert Betty Leek. She has great tips on feeding raw on a budget with Thanksgiving turkeys.

Not only is November good eating for humans, it’s great eating for dogs. At least it is for those lucky enough to be raw fed. Starting around the first of November, grocery stores start putting frozen turkeys on sale. Sales run from the turkeys being really cheap to discounts when you spend a certain amount of money on other food stuffs. Whatever turkey deal your grocer uses to get you into the store, take advantage of those cheap birds for your dog! I’ve seen prices as low as $.40 a pound for frozen turkeys, making it one of the cheapest ways to feed your dogs raw. If you have extra freezer space, buy as many turkeys as you can get and store them. The turkeys will be on sale through Christmas, so you have plenty of time to stock up on this really inexpensive raw food for your dogs.

The worst thing about frozen turkeys is just that, they are frozen. It takes such a long time to thaw them out so the dogs can eat them. But, unlike thawing turkeys for humans, you don’t have to worry about health issues when thawing the turkey for your dog. Any “bugs” the turkey gets while thawing won’t effect canines. Once the turkey is thawed, you can either feed it to your dog whole, or do as I do and cut it up into individual meals. I have found that there are a couple of easy ways to cut up the turkey. Both ways make use of my husband. I can cut the turkey up by myself, but it is much easier if he helps me with it.
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larry-deerDeer meat is a great food for your dog. Now that we are officially into the 2008 deer hunting season in Texas, it’s the perfect time to start feeding raw venison.

Dogs are classified as carnivores. There is a mere .2% difference between dog and wolf DNA. If we realize that our dogs are so closely related to wolves, then it is a short step to understanding our dogs should eat like the wolf rather than eating junk out of a bag.

An ideal meal for our domestic wolves, also know as Lacy dogs, is raw on-the-hoof deer meat. Many hunters have deer meat left over from previous year, and that is fine to feed to your dogs, but today I am writing about feeding the deer that is freshly shot and ready for the dog to eat. Read the rest of this entry »

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