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The National Lacy Dog Association is proud to once again be a Bonus Sponsor of the TDHA Hunt for the Hungry. This hog dog tournament has grown into the largest charity hunt in the United States, bringing in over 28,000 pounds of pork to feed needy Texans. It is truly a worthy cause and a great way for Lacy Dogs to give back to their home state.

We’ve made a special Lacy Dog t-shirts to commemorate this special event. We have three short sleeve, two long sleeve and two kids styles now available in the NLDA online store. Show your support for the breed as well as Hunt for the Hungry! Shipping is free on orders over $50 with the coupon code CWIN205, so add a 2010 calendar, Lacy stickers or a few extra tees to complete the package.

We will be working on another design for later this spring, stay tuned!


Lacy on trap lineThe Texas Trappers and Fur Hunters Association is holding their Fall Rendezvous in Junction on Oct. 16 and 17. The NLDA will have a table at the event and our very own Jimmy Brooks will be conducting trap line seminars both Friday and Saturday. So stop by, say hi to fellow Lacy lovers and learn about trapping!

Texas Trappers and Fur Hunters Fall Rendezvous
All day Oct. 16 and 17
Coke Stevenson Memorial Center
440 N. US Hwy 83, Junction, TX
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nlda-logo1In August 2008, we held the first official meeting of the NLDA. After a full year of establishing the organization and building an active community, we are excited to officially open up membership. We encourage everyone who believes in preserving and promoting the Lacy Dog as a true working breed to join the NLDA.

Download the NLDA membership form.

NLDA Mission Statement
Our mission is to maintain the integrity of the Lacy as a true working breed. Our goal is to create and support a community of happy, healthy, functional Lacy Dogs that embody historically accurate breed standards. We work to preserve and promote the working Lacy Dog through public education, open communication, ethical breeding and active ownership. Read the rest of this entry »

animal research foundationThe National Lacy Dog Association is excited to announce we have partnered with the Animal Research Foundation to reopen the original Lacy Dog stud book. Owners and breeders will once again be able to register purebred Lacy Dogs with the ARF, the first registry to recognize the Lacy Dog.

“This is a historic moment, for us to reopen the ARF Lacy Dog Stud Book and for you to recognize the ARF as an approved registry,” said genealogist and registrar Al Walker. “As you become acquainted with the Foundation, you will find that we are more than just a registry. Public trust and dependability are our most important products.”

The ARF was founded in 1947 by Tom D. Stodghill. He approved the first registered Lacy Dog, Preston’s Big Blue by Preston’s Old Blue and Preston’s Ellie, on Jan. 18, 1976. In addition to being the first registry to recognize the Lacy, the ARF played an instrumental role in the acknowledgment and standardization of numerous working breeds. They were the first to recognize and register Catahoulas and Australian Cattle Dogs, organized the English Shepherd Club of America, assisted in the formation of the Australian Shepherd Club of America and much more.

Though Mr. Stodghill passed away in 1989, the ARF is alive and well. Our new partnership represents a deep respect for Lacy history as well as a strong commitment to the breed’s future. In addition to providing owners and breeders with top-notch genealogical and registration services, the ARF will help us keep the breed true to type and purpose by only recognizing dogs who pass inspection.

To encourage registration by all owners and breeders of quality Lacy Dogs, the ARF is offering introductory rates and additional incentives from August 1 through October 31. A list of fees and details on how to have your purebred Lacy registered will be available on You can also email us at for additional information. To learn more about the ARF, visit

Set your DVR and clear your schedule — Lacys are coming to a TV near you on June 16 at 9 p.m. CT!

In March, a film crew from the History Channel spent the day filming Lacys for the series Life After People. They feature several dog breeds in the series, highlighting just how dependent most canines are on people. But the story of the Lacy is different. A tough breed with the drive and skills to fend for themselves, Lacy Dogs would they have no problem surviving in a world without people.

We got the dogs to pull off some great tricks for the camera, and the original footage will be accompanied by an interview with Jimmy Brooks, the president of the National Lacy Dog Association who has been breeding Lacys for over 50 years.

Don’t miss the Lacy episode of Life After People on June 16 at 9 p.m. CT. More information about this fascinating series from the History Channel after the jump. Read the rest of this entry »


The National Lacy Dog Association is teaming up with the Texas Dog Hunters Association and Hunters’ Harvest to sponsor the 2009 Hunt for the Hungry!

Now in its fourth year, the Hunt for the Hungry is the largest charity hunt in the United States. In 2008, over 20,000 pounds of pork was collected to feed hungry families across Texas. It is also the richest hog dog tournament in Texas. The winning team will walk away with over $3,000 and numerous prizes. But the biggest reward is knowing you and your dogs helped fill the stomachs of very needy families.

In addition to sponsoring the Heaviest Boar Bonus, the NLDA will do everything we can to make sure Lacys are well represented in this contest. Teams are comprised of four people and their dogs hunting from Feb. 27 through March 1. The main event is judged on each team’s five heaviest hogs. It will take skill as well as stamina to excel in this tournament, and we know Lacy hog dogs are up to the challenge.

To learn more about the rules and how to enter, please visit the Meetings & Events section at the NLDA forums. We hope you and your Lacys can join us in supporting this great cause!

The National Lacy Dog Association wishes you and your dogs a happy holiday!

Kboux and Corey Kovar bringing home the turkey.

MGS Scout bringing home the turkey

Whether you’re new to the breed or a seasoned breeder, we invite you to join the Forum for Working Lacys. This message board is provided by the NLDA as a free service to anyone who is interested in the breed. All you need to do is sign up and start posting.

Board highlights include:

  • Chat with fellow Lacy addicts Around The Campfire
  • Learn if a Lacy is a good fit with The Right Match
  • Share stories, pictures, training tips and more at Lacys In Action
  • Keep your Lacy healthy with Dr. Dog
  • Fill up your calendar at Meetings and Events

So please come by for a visit. We hope you jump right in, ask questions, help others and share your stories. Your participation and feedback are important in building a strong community to support working Lacys.

Welcome to the official blog of the National Lacy Dog Association!

Developed during the mid-19th century in the Texas Hill Country, the Lacy is a working breed created to be an all-around ranch dog. They are very intelligent and gritty, compact yet powerful, built for agility and endurance. Jobs they excel at include herding livestock, hunting wild hogs, blood trailing and running trap lines. True representatives of the State’s rugged heritage, the Lacy was recognized as the official State Dog of Texas in 2005.

The NLDA is committed to preserving and promoting the Lacy’s legacy. In this blog, we’ll share news and information related to working dogs and this special breed. We also want to highlight the accomplishments of Lacys from around the country.

So send in stories and pictures, suggest a new topic, share your opinions and help spread the word about working Lacy Dogs. You can leave comments here, join our forum or send an email to We hope to hear from you soon!

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