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Betty Leek of the NLDR with her Lacy Dogs

Betty Leek of the NLDR with her Lacy Dogs

The National Lacy Dog Association is proud to recognize the National Lacy Dog Registry as an approved registry for purebred Lacy Dogs.

Betty Leek, a member of the NLDA Board of Directors, created the NLDR “to fill the growing need for standardization, preservation and sound breeding practices in the Lacy community.” An independent and privately owned entity, the NLDR is “working to support the NLDA’s mission to protect and preserve this wonderful breed through professional registration for Lacy Dogs.”

Visit the NLDR for details on how to register a Lacy Dog or a litter. To be granted full registration, adult dogs must have a complete pedigree, be 18 months of age and meet the NLDR Lacy Dog standard. Please contact Betty at or 325-396-231 for more information. Read the rest of this entry »


Set your DVR and clear your schedule — Lacys are coming to a TV near you on June 16 at 9 p.m. CT!

In March, a film crew from the History Channel spent the day filming Lacys for the series Life After People. They feature several dog breeds in the series, highlighting just how dependent most canines are on people. But the story of the Lacy is different. A tough breed with the drive and skills to fend for themselves, Lacy Dogs would they have no problem surviving in a world without people.

We got the dogs to pull off some great tricks for the camera, and the original footage will be accompanied by an interview with Jimmy Brooks, the president of the National Lacy Dog Association who has been breeding Lacys for over 50 years.

Don’t miss the Lacy episode of Life After People on June 16 at 9 p.m. CT. More information about this fascinating series from the History Channel after the jump. Read the rest of this entry »

Welcome to the official blog of the National Lacy Dog Association!

Developed during the mid-19th century in the Texas Hill Country, the Lacy is a working breed created to be an all-around ranch dog. They are very intelligent and gritty, compact yet powerful, built for agility and endurance. Jobs they excel at include herding livestock, hunting wild hogs, blood trailing and running trap lines. True representatives of the State’s rugged heritage, the Lacy was recognized as the official State Dog of Texas in 2005.

The NLDA is committed to preserving and promoting the Lacy’s legacy. In this blog, we’ll share news and information related to working dogs and this special breed. We also want to highlight the accomplishments of Lacys from around the country.

So send in stories and pictures, suggest a new topic, share your opinions and help spread the word about working Lacy Dogs. You can leave comments here, join our forum or send an email to We hope to hear from you soon!

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