• Created in the Texas Hill Country by the Lacy brothers during the late 19th century to work free-range hogs
  • Originated from a male English Shepherd male, a female Greyhound and a female wolf
  • Developed as an all-around working dog for ranchers, cowboys, hunters and trappers
  • Declared the official State Dog of Texas in 2005


  • Intelligent, intense, active and always alert with an incredible drive and determination to work
  • Strong heading, baying and tracking instincts make them ideal for herding, hunting and blood trailing
  • Devoted to their family, they make dedicated companions but are naturally protective and may be wary of strangers
  • Very energetic, these dogs require lots of mental and physical exercise


  • Strong and balanced, they should be 18 to 21 inches tall and weigh between 30 and 50 pounds
  • In addition to the famous Blue Lacys, they can be Red and Tricolor
  • White should appear on the brisket and one or more paws, but excessive white is discouraged and markings on the face or above the mid-line are a disqualifying fault
  • Coat should be short and sleek requiring minimal grooming