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Do you wish to take part in the stewardship of the Lacy breed? To leave a legacy of well bred, healthy Lacys with strong working instincts? Is the preservation of the working-type Lacy your personal passion?

The NLDA Approved Breeder Program recognizes reputable breeders who have been heavily involved in the breed for many years, breeding responsibly and producing quality, healthy puppies.

The program was designed to recognize breeders who take an active role with their dogs and demonstrate an above-average commitment to the breed.

Approved breeders have the power to influence, guide and teach future Lacy breeders and owners.

Approved Breeders receive

» Preferred listing on NLDA website and forum

» Preferred referral by NLDA staff

» A free one-page web ad for one full year on NLDA’s website.

» Discount on all Registration Fees

To become an Approved Breeder, you must

1) Join the NLDA

2.) Have at least one working Lacy Dog over 18 months of age that has passed inspection and is registered with the NLDR

3.) Submit a completed application and $25 fee.

Anyone can breed dogs. Are you just a breeder or are you a breeder committed to both improving the breed through selective breeding programs and proving your dogs’ working abilities both in the field and via performance trials? If you’re the kind of breeder that prefers quality over quantity, become an NLDA Approved Breeder.

Tracking trial

Working trials demonstrate a dog's performance in the field.

The NLDA is excited to announce our first official field trial where  dogs will have the opportunity to be evaluated by a judge, earn a tracking certificate, and compete against other dogs for working titles.

The idea came about as a way for breeders to determine a dog’s suitability for a particular use by obtaining a title, however, these contests are a great way to give handler and dog some off-season action and a chance to take home a trophy. In this blood trailing trial, three simulated blood trails will have varying levels of difficulty.

This event, which is open to all breeds, will be conducted at the beautiful Oak Knoll Ranch in Menard, Texas. Lodging and meals will be available for registered guests beginning Friday night. Trials will begin the following morning at 8 am.

We hope that this tracking competition will be the first of many NLDA-sanctioned shows where dogs are judged for performance in blood trailing, hog hunting, bay pen work, cattle herding, and trap lines.

For details, including registration, please go to and download the form.

Oak Knoll Ranch near Menard, Texas

Blood trail practice

A young handler works a lacy on a mock trail.

For the first time ever, Oak Knoll Ranch will host the NLDA Working Dogs Field Day. All are welcome to join us in the beautiful Texas Hill Country for fun, food, and campfire camaraderie! This will be a great opportunity to meet other lacy enthusiasts and practice your handling skills under the guidance of experienced instructors. Educational and fun-filled activities will include a hog bay arena, blood trailing workshop and competition, trapping demonstration, snake avoidance, and much more!

Friday night, there will be an assembly at the lodge for a meet and greet and cook out. Breakfast will be served Saturday morning. After a fun day afield, we will retire to the lodge for a little R&R. Guests are welcome to stay Friday and Saturday nights so come early and stay late!

Overnight accommodations are available on location and encouraged but space is limited so reservations are recommended.

$30 per person and $5 per dog per event. Concessions and meals will be available all weekend. Event tickets will be available for purchase. Youth admitted for free.

Dogs must be under control at all times. Cameras and video cameras are welcome at all NLDA events!

The main events will be held on April 2nd, 2011 beginning around 9 am at Oak Knoll Ranch, located at
7010 US Hwy 190 just 12 minutes west of Menard, Texas.

For more information and reservations please call Courtney Farris at (214) 679-1801 or email

Bay pen work

larry-deerDeer meat is a great food for your dog. Now that we are officially into the 2008 deer hunting season in Texas, it’s the perfect time to start feeding raw venison.

Dogs are classified as carnivores. There is a mere .2% difference between dog and wolf DNA. If we realize that our dogs are so closely related to wolves, then it is a short step to understanding our dogs should eat like the wolf rather than eating junk out of a bag.

An ideal meal for our domestic wolves, also know as Lacy dogs, is raw on-the-hoof deer meat. Many hunters have deer meat left over from previous year, and that is fine to feed to your dogs, but today I am writing about feeding the deer that is freshly shot and ready for the dog to eat. Read the rest of this entry »

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