Tracking trial

Working trials demonstrate a dog's performance in the field.

The NLDA is excited to announce our first official field trial where  dogs will have the opportunity to be evaluated by a judge, earn a tracking certificate, and compete against other dogs for working titles.

The idea came about as a way for breeders to determine a dog’s suitability for a particular use by obtaining a title, however, these contests are a great way to give handler and dog some off-season action and a chance to take home a trophy. In this blood trailing trial, three simulated blood trails will have varying levels of difficulty.

This event, which is open to all breeds, will be conducted at the beautiful Oak Knoll Ranch in Menard, Texas. Lodging and meals will be available for registered guests beginning Friday night. Trials will begin the following morning at 8 am.

We hope that this tracking competition will be the first of many NLDA-sanctioned shows where dogs are judged for performance in blood trailing, hog hunting, bay pen work, cattle herding, and trap lines.

For details, including registration, please go to and download the form.

Oak Knoll Ranch near Menard, Texas