Helen Lacy Gibbs is the granddaughter of George Washington Lacy, the brother prominently noted for his role in the breed, and started working behind Lacy Hog Dogs as a little girl. Helen is now in her eighties and has incredibly clear memories of the original Lacy Dogs. She has also been frustrated with the way her stories about the real Lacy Hog Dogs have been edited and misinterpreted. She decided it was time to get the accurate story out about the dogs once and for all, no stretching the truth or romanticizing of the facts, and asked the National Lacy Dog Association to make a video of her recollections.

We now have four videos on the history of the Lacy Hog Dog in the NLDA Archive. Interviewing Mrs. Gibbs and her son John was a truly amazing experience. We hope you enjoy these clips on the true history of the Lacy breed featuring someone who lived and worked with the original Lacy Dogs.

See all four video interviews with Helen Lacy Gibbs on our site.