blue lacy breederThe National Lacy Dog Association Approved Breeders Program was established to promote quality over quantity. With each litter, our approved breeders strive to preserve the past while planning for the future. Though their individual goals may vary, all approved breeders emphasize working ability, functional conformation and sound temperament in their Lacy Dogs.

To ensure that we only support ethical breeders who share our commitment to purebred working Lacy Dogs, we require NLDA members apply to be listed as approved breeders. The Breeders Committee will review every application, focusing on the desired results and feasibility of each breeding program.

To be an approved breeder, you must:
1.) Be a member of the NLDA in good standing
2.) Have at least one working Lacy Dog who has passed inspection and is registered with the Animal Research Foundation or National Lacy Dog Registry
3.) Submit a completed application, supporting documents, signed Code of Ethics and $25 fee
4.) Following the first year, breeders will pay an annual fee of $10

Approved breeders will be promoted by the NLDA on our site and through our partnerships. Beginning Monday, Aug. 31, only approved breeders will be allowed to post litter plans or puppies for sale on the NLDA forum. Though you only need to own one inspected and registered Lacy Dog to be approved, both the sire and dam must be inspected and registered Lacys to list a litter.

Download the Approved Breeders Application