Betty Leek of the NLDR with her Lacy Dogs

Betty Leek of the NLDR with her Lacy Dogs

The National Lacy Dog Association is proud to recognize the National Lacy Dog Registry as an approved registry for purebred Lacy Dogs.

Betty Leek, a member of the NLDA Board of Directors, created the NLDR “to fill the growing need for standardization, preservation and sound breeding practices in the Lacy community.” An independent and privately owned entity, the NLDR is “working to support the NLDA’s mission to protect and preserve this wonderful breed through professional registration for Lacy Dogs.”

Visit the NLDR for details on how to register a Lacy Dog or a litter. To be granted full registration, adult dogs must have a complete pedigree, be 18 months of age and meet the NLDR Lacy Dog standard. Please contact Betty at or 325-396-231 for more information.

National Lacy Dog Registry Mission Statement
Our mission is to enforce correct conformation standards, support sound temperament and preserve the natural working ability in purebred Lacy Dogs.

To achieve this mission, we are developing a complete Lacy Dog registry. This multifaceted database stores extended pedigrees as well as performance accomplishments, health certifications, inbreeding coefficients and more.

By combining these accurate records with standardized inspections and a thorough registration process, we provide a superior experience for breeders and owners alike.

We have more announcements coming this week about registration, membership and becoming an approved NLDA breeder. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email