Blue Lacy Dog LarryWe recently updated the history archives on the National Lacy Dog Association site! Because the Lacy was created as a landrace rather than a formal breed, the Lacy brothers never wrote down a standard or maintained a studbook. It wasn’t until 1976 that the original Lacy registry was established with the Animal Research Foundation. Accordingly, much of the breed’s history has been based off of legends and folklore. But we still believe it is important to make the few relevant documents we have available to the public.

The Saga of the Original Lacy Hog Dog
Letter from Helen Gibbs, granddaughter of George Lacy
Helen recollects working behind dogs descended from the original Lacy stock. “They are faithful to their owners and never happier than when helping to round up stock.”

Hog Dogs and Their Ranch Uses
May 1942 The Cattleman
Though the article covers all types of hog dogs used in the Hill Country, the only breed they highlight is the Lacy Dog. “To many ranchmen of the present generation, a hog dog means a Lacy.”

Llano County, Texas, Ranchmen, Who Profit from Wild Range Hogs, Depend on Acorns and Their Hog Dogs
February 1956 True West Magazine
Origin, working ability and the importance of Lacy Dogs in the Texas Hill Country. Interviews with Ed Lacy and ranchers who relied on Lacy hog dogs to make a living.