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Though the Lacy is a wonderfully unique breed, it’s not easy owning a driven working dog. This breed can be challenging and isn’t for everyone. So what type of person should own a Lacy Dog?

1.) You have a real job for your dog. Lacys are very popular with hog hunters in Texas. They make great tracking dogs for deer hunters. They are a huge help to professional trappers. Cattle ranchers can move an entire herd with just two dogs. If you want to compete at the top levels of agility or flyball, these dogs have the natural talent to take you there. And they make good all-purpose ranch dogs, patrolling the property, killing varmints and protecting their family. But if you have to make up a job to justify having a Lacy, this isn’t the right breed for you. If you need a working companion, Lacys are incredibly driven, intelligent dogs that rise to the challenge.

2.) You have a very active lifestyle. If you’re a professional rancher or hunter, that is pretty much taken care of. But people who want to use Lacys for tracking or dog sports need to keep their dogs active and entertained on a daily basis. Lacys don’t make good couch potatoes, especially when they are young. Long daily walks are just the beginning when it comes to meeting their exercise needs. So if you like to go jogging in the mornings and hiking every weekend before deer season starts, you might make a good Lacy owner.

3.) You are an experienced dog owner. Lacys are extremely smart dogs, and while that means they can learn new tasks very quickly, it also leads to independent thinking and testing boundaries. Many Lacy owners say their dogs talk back to them and will even question their authority. This breed is very pack oriented, so it’s especially important their owner is a strong leader. All of that can be overwhelming for first-time owners. But if you have experience with curs or active herding dogs, you might be prepared for a Lacy.

4.) You live in a rural area or have access to significant acreage. Lacys need room to run. They enjoy patrolling their property and keeping their family safe. They also do best in an environment where people and other dogs honor their space and treat them with respect. Lacys are not well suited for urban or apartment life.

5.) You want a dog with an intense personality and high drive that is going to challenge you. A Lacy Dog is not for the faint of heart. If you don’t give them a job, they will create one for themselves, and you probably won’t like the results. In the wrong environment, Lacys can develop behavioral issues such as aggression, anxiety, excessive barking and mouthiness. But when you channel that energy and spirit into a productive outlet, you’ll get the best working companion anyone could ask for.

Just like there is not such thing as a perfect dog, not even our Lacys, there is no such thing as a perfect dog owner. Each situation is going to be unique. But we urge you to carefully consider whether or not a Lacy Dog is right for you and your family before purchasing a puppy. There is an increasing number of Lacys being rehomed or dumped in shelters. Please help us keep this special breed safe and sound for years to come by making a responsible choice.

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(Note that these suggestions are based on the personality and needs of a typical Lacy Dog. Just like some have conformation flaws, there are a few Blue Lacys that are lazy. However, that is the exception, not the rule, and it’s considered a fault within the breed.)