The National Lacy Dog Association is teaming up with the Texas Dog Hunters Association and Hunters’ Harvest to sponsor the 2009 Hunt for the Hungry!

Now in its fourth year, the Hunt for the Hungry is the largest charity hunt in the United States. In 2008, over 20,000 pounds of pork was collected to feed hungry families across Texas. It is also the richest hog dog tournament in Texas. The winning team will walk away with over $3,000 and numerous prizes. But the biggest reward is knowing you and your dogs helped fill the stomachs of very needy families.

In addition to sponsoring the Heaviest Boar Bonus, the NLDA will do everything we can to make sure Lacys are well represented in this contest. Teams are comprised of four people and their dogs hunting from Feb. 27 through March 1. The main event is judged on each team’s five heaviest hogs. It will take skill as well as stamina to excel in this tournament, and we know Lacy hog dogs are up to the challenge.

To learn more about the rules and how to enter, please visit the Meetings & Events section at the NLDA forums. We hope you and your Lacys can join us in supporting this great cause!