The Kemmer Mountain Cur got top billing at ESPN with Curs and ‘Coons: Good old boys love their mountain dogs. Developed by Robert Kemmer to tree small game in the Tennessee mountains, these raccoon and squirrel specialists have a lot in common with Lacys. And Kemmers aren’t the only curs that have shown up on ESPN. Last year they ran a story on Uncle Earl’s Hog Dog Trials, the most famous bay competition in the United States.

Despite being a true American tradition, hunting with hounds faces steep political opposition. Currently, Virginia dog owners are fighting to keep the right-to-retrieve, which allows them to fetch dogs that hunt their way onto private property. During a Oct. 23 hearing, the state agreed to take recommended retrieval restrictions into consideration. No matter where you live or what you hunt, stand up for rights of other dog hunters. This type of legislation can set a precedent for other states to restrict what we can do with our Lacys.

But hunters, don’t forget to be safe! A man in Oregon was shot by his Labrador Retriever while duck hunting. When the dog jumped into their boat, he set of the 12-gauge shotgun, resulting in some painful but treatable injuries.