Welcome to the official blog of the National Lacy Dog Association!

Developed during the mid-19th century in the Texas Hill Country, the Lacy is a working breed created to be an all-around ranch dog. They are very intelligent and gritty, compact yet powerful, built for agility and endurance. Jobs they excel at include herding livestock, hunting wild hogs, blood trailing and running trap lines. True representatives of the State’s rugged heritage, the Lacy was recognized as the official State Dog of Texas in 2005.

The NLDA is committed to preserving and promoting the Lacy’s legacy. In this blog, we’ll share news and information related to working dogs and this special breed. We also want to highlight the accomplishments of Lacys from around the country.

So send in stories and pictures, suggest a new topic, share your opinions and help spread the word about working Lacy Dogs. You can leave comments here, join our forum or send an email to nlda@NationalLacyDog.org. We hope to hear from you soon!